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Festival Photo Gallery

The more you praise and celebrate your life,
the more there is in life to celebrate.
~Oprah Winfrey


Festival Photo Gallery
I hope you enjoy the photos of festivals I experienced. Carnival in Germany is a huge fiesta lasting several weeks. Participants look forward all year and spend a great deal of time and effort in designing their costumes. I also had a chance to experience a New Year's Eve festivity entitled Dance of the Vampires, which combined music, theater and dance, plus exceptional costumes. In Berlin, I had a chance to see the future farmers gather for a lavish party dressed in traditional garb. Prints are available for purchase. Please contact me.

Venetian Masks, Germany Little Minx Carnival Clown Coat Check, Dance of the Vampires


Venetian Masks, Germany

Little Minx

Carnival Clown

Coat Check, Dance of the Vampires



Shakespearean Actress, France Young Dionysus, Germany Frida Kahlo Performers Goddess in Green Poor Boy and Dog, France


Shakespearean Actress, France

Young Dionysus, Germany

Frida Kahlo Performers

Goddess in Green

Poor Boy and Dog, France



Future Farmers Dance Vampire Lady Prince and Princess of Carnival Mother and Daughters, Carnival


Future Farmers Dance

Vampire Lady

Prince and Princess of Carnival

Mother and Daughters, Carnival

Festivals allow you to transport yourself to another world, transform the everyday into something a touch miraculous. Michael enjoys photographing festivals and events, capturing the spirit of celebration. From Carnival in Germany to the famous theater festival in Avignon, France, festivals of all sizes result in exceptional photographs of costumed individuals, entertainers, actors and people reveling.

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The circular copyright notice inserted into the image is to protect the online photo file from being stolen and will not appear in the ordered print. The archival mats are signed by the photographer.
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