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Flower Photo Gallery

Earth laughs in flowers.
~Ralph Waldo Emerson


Flower Photo Gallery
Floral photography captures a secret world -- the way flowers display their pollen, a tantalizing treat of nectar to lure in the passing pollinator. Flowers have intrigued humans for many centuries, even fueling the Tulip Madness of the Dutch. I hope you enjoy browsing our selection of flower photos.If you would like to order prints, please contact me.

Artist's Palette of Pollen Shades of Purple Morning Dew


Artist's Palette of Pollen

Shades of Purple

Morning Dew



Beckoning Butterfly on Desert Bloom Intimate Orchid



Butterfly on Desert Bloom

Intimate Orchid



Orange Beacon Red Ruffles, Parrot Tulip Aflight


Orange Beacon

Red Ruffles, Parrot Tulip


Flowers and gardens appeal to photo enthusiasts around the world. The classic beauty of an open blossom sparkling with morning dew delights floral photographers. Flowers provide an endless kaleidoscope of color, suited perfectly for close-up, macro photography. Michael J. Traynor never stops delighting in discovering the hidden wonders of small blossoms.

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The circular copyright notice inserted into the image is to protect the online photo file from being stolen and will not appear in the ordered print. The archival mats are signed by the photographer.
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