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Seascape Photo Gallery

The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.
~Jacques Yves Cousteau


Seascapes Photo Gallery
Though my home is landlocked, I enjoy photographing seascapes, capturing the magical pull of the water, where one is reminded that nature will never be tamed. If you would like to order prints, please contact us.

Ruins by the Sea, Wales Bay of Hope, Ireland Walking through Water, North Sea


Ruins by the Sea, Wales

Bay of Hope, Ireland

Walking through Water, North Sea



Sea Curve, Ireland Alro Island, Denmark Gondoliers, Venice, Italy


Sea Curve, Ireland

Alro Island, Denmark

Gondoliers, Venice, Italy



Moored Safe, Venice, Italy Return of the North Sea Tide Storm Brewing, Aberystwyth, Wales


Moored Safe, Venice, Italy

Return of the North Sea Tide

Storm Brewing, Aberystwyth, Wales

Seascape photographs -- the lure of the sea draws many a soul-- waves pounding onto a sandy beach, boats rocking gently where the land meets the ocean, a seaside town full of nostalgic charm-- soothing away the stress of the everyday. Michael captures the essence of the sea with his colorful photographs of stormy skies over dark blue water, the North Sea tide pulling back to reveal mud flats below, the rugged coastline of western Ireland.

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The circular copyright notice inserted into the image is to protect the online photo file from being stolen and will not appear in the ordered print. The archival mats are signed by the photographer.
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