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Black & White Photo Gallery

You don't take a photograph, you make it.
~Ansel Adams

Black & White Photo Gallery
The photographs below were all taken on large format 4x5" negatives using a traditional view camera. Michael often derives his inspiration from the surprising details nature casts in light, an interplay of shadow and shapes. He is drawn to the majestic pull of the sea, the wide undisturbed landscape of the Southwest and rural countryside. He takes pleasure in simplicity of lines, whether wrought by nature or mankind. If you would be interested in purchasing a print, please contact us.

Portland Lighthouse Death Valley Life Struggle, Death Valley


Portland Lighthouse

Death Valley

Life Struggle, Death Valley



Antique Car Arcadia National Park, Maine Rising Against the Wind


Study of Light, Vintage Car

Crashing Surf, Arcadia National Park, Maine

Rising Against the Wind, Death Valley



Death Valley York Lighthouse, Maine  Unexpected Snow, Middletown, Maryland


Beauty After Death, Monument Valley

York Lighthouse, Maine

Unexpected Snow, Middletown, Maryland

Black and white photographs require strong, graphical elements to capture the viewer's imagination. Michael J. Traynor has been honing his black and white photographic techniques for over 50 years. He has worked in all camera formats, lugging large view cameras across the desert in search of the perfect subject. The serenity of his black and white images resonate with the viewer, beckoning one to enter the scene and forget the burdens we all shoulder.

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The circular copyright notice inserted into the image is to protect the online photo file from being stolen and will not appear in the ordered print. The archival mats are signed by the photographer.


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