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Landscape Photo Gallery

Light is the landscape.
~Michael Traynor


Landscape Photo Gallery
Please browse a small sampling from our landscape photography collection. If you would like to order prints, please contact us.

>Heather in Bloom, Luneburge Heide Windmill Field of Sunflowers


Heather in Bloom, Luneburge Heide


Field of Sunflowers



Hilltop Village, France Crystal Lake, Austria Orangerie, Germany


Hilltop Village, France

Crystal Lake, Austria

Orangerie, Germany



Desert Organ Pipes Russian Orthodox Church, Germany Ekeing Out Lif


Desert Organ Pipes

Russian Orthodox Church, Germany

Ekeing Out Life

Landscape photography should transport the viewer to the location, permitting them to experience the vibrance of a field of sunflowers nodding in the wind, the whoosh of a windmill turning as a storm gathers, the peaceful serenity of a moutain lake. Michael creates visually striking images of different landscapes, from the stark beauty of deserts to lush meadows, from a sleepy, hillside town to the voluptuous spires of a church reaching into the heavens, Michael enjoys capturing the essence of a landscape

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The circular copyright notice inserted into the image is to protect the online photo file from being stolen and will not appear in the ordered print. The archival mats are signed by the photographer.
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